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A project created by, collaborated with, and produced by Crack Calls, TBR Outdoors and One Outdoors Productions.

This is why you buy Crack Calls:

1. Quality Sound. Every reed assembly and tone board are hand tuned and tested until they are right. Because each call is hand tuned there is a slight difference in every call of the same model. This means you always maintain the advantage, even if you are following a caller using a Crack Call. This is not the competitors’pre-stamped, pre-fit, press in, and away it goes style.

2. Quality Material. Engineering grade acrylic, Stainless Steel, Aircraft grade aluminum, and hand selected hard woods are Crack standards. These are not the competitors’ cheaper extruded acrylic, sound alike polycarbonate plastics, and low grade metals and woods.

3. Quality Craftsmanship. Every call is made in house and hand assembled and fitted by knowledgeable staff. This is not the competitors’ machine to box assembly.

Crack Calls are the ONLY all acrylic predator calls on the market.

FREE reed replacement and tuning for life.


Crack Calls

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